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2006 Yamaha NYTRO ER Black : 3-cylinder Genesis 120 engine The Genesis 120 engine is compact and lightweight. Its long stroke and four-valve design produces a tremendous amount of torque for corner-to-corner acceleration on the trail. The broad torque curve is easy for clutch tuners to hit and allows riders to have instant power after backshifting. The three-cylinder engine debuted in 2005. Gearing and clutching specs The Nytro ER models are designed to be ditch bangers and mogul play sleds, not lake runners. As such, they are clutched and geared for quick response and hard launches. Camoplast Rip Saw track The Camoplast Rip Saw track is a standard feature on the Nytro ER. It has been widely acclaimed in the industry as the best all around OEM track for acceleration, cornering bite and everyday trail usage. The Rip Saw track is the result of a collaborative effort between Yamaha and Camoplast. Rear-exiting exhaust The exhaust is routed out the back of the sled in order to optimize and maximize airflow through the engine. The tuned system is specifically engineered to produce the Genesis 120s broad powerband and also to help keep the sled in balance. Lightweight hydraulic brake system The lightweight 4-piston brake system delivers solid stopping power without fading, even in high-use applications. It also incorporates a new, lightweight, double-finned, self-cooling brake disc. Lightweight forged pistons The forged pistons used in the Genesis 120 engine are engineered for lightweight and still allow high compression rates of 11.3:1 on 87 Octane gas. The piston design came out with the Genesis 120 engine on the 2005 Vector-class sleds.
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